Race T-Shirts

womens cut t-shirts photo

Example Women’s Cut T-Shirt

Ok. We lied. We said all the t-shirts would be unisex. Well, we ordered a limited stock of 600 women’s cut shirts anyway!¬†They will be on a first come first serve basis for the first 600 women half marathoners. Don’t worry about sizing issues. We’ll be able to provide the size you selected during registration or a size up or size down. Give it a look at packet-pickup, then select what you’d prefer. It’s that easy.

We’ll have several volunteers making sure everyone gets a shirt that fits them. Once we run out of these women’s cut, we’ll still be able to get you a good looking unisex t-shirt as promised in registration.

We had several runners ask for these shirts to fit them better so we’re happy to oblige the women half marathoners until our stock is depleted.

Thank you so much for running and helping us raise money for Health Care Access.