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 #whyirun – digital video series of runners’ stories.

Produced & Directed by Andy White & Elliot Johnson. Watch 3 heartfelt stories of everyday runners with extraordinary reasons to run.


Chris’ Story

To deal with the stress of his father’s illness & passing, Chris picked up running. It did more than he hoped for and he now runs to raise awareness about ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Penny & Sienna’s Story

Penny found a way to spend more time with her family including her daughter. She began running with them and it brought them closer.

Shari’s Story

Shari found a way to continue exploring the outdoors while spending time with her closest friends: her dogs.

About the Creators

Andy O. White

I am a photographer and videographer focusing primarily on lifestyle, action/adventure and editorial photography and documentary shorts. When I’m not working I’m either riding my bike, drawing questionable doodles, or pretending to be good at ping pong.

Elliot C. Johnson

I joined a training group to prepare for my first marathon. It seemed every session that summer I got to hear  another awe inspiring story of why someone got into running. We decided to make a series of it and “whyirun” was born.

I’m a digital marketer by day & budding film producer and art director by night. I help coordinate, film, and tell emphatic stories.