Fuel Your Body

As the Kansas Half Marathon and 5k gets closer, we need to think about nutrition. It seems like a simple concept but every runner’s stomach is different. What might work for one runner, might not work for you. It’s important to figure out what your body needs before race day.

At Garry Gribble’s we have a ton of nutrition products for you to try out. We have gels, chews, jellybeans, bars and more. The main two nutrition products that will be available at the aid stations for the Kansas Half and 5k are Honey Stinger and GU, which we have at the store for you to try out before race day.

Sting or Bee Stung

Aid stations will have honey stinger waffles and chews for runners. Honey Stinger uses honey as their form of sugar so it’s natural. Beth explains more about each of the products in the following video:

GU for it!

We will have two different types of GU ready at aid stations. The first is GU Energy Gels, which packs energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands during long activities, like a half marathon. The 100-calorie packet contains carbohydrates that you can absorb while diminishing stomach distress. The gel is also full of sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, aids in hydration by maintaining water balance.

We will also have GU Roctane Energy Gels at various aid stations. GU Roctane has more sodium and amino acids that reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage than our original GU Energy Gel in addition to carbohydrates. It is also 100 calories. In short, GU Roctane are designed for those times when you’re going long or going at high-intensity.

Practice Makes Perfect

For 5k runners, you need to think about what you put in your body beforehand. Since you are running a shorter distance, you don’t need to worry about fueling throughout the race. On Saturday before the race it’s important to hydrate and carb up. You’ll also want to fuel your body no more than half an hour before the race begins. Most runners prefer something small so that way they don’t have much to try and digest while running. A bagel with peanut butter; a banana and an energy bar; or oatmeal with a cup of milk. We suggest a picky bar or a cliff bar. Make sure to try it out before the morning of the race.

For half marathoners, you are in the peak of long run training. This is the perfect time for you to learn about what nutrition is going to work best for your body. It’s important to remember that you need to fuel your body every 45 minutes to an hour so your body gets the calories it needs to keep moving. If you plan on doing a two-hour half marathon, you need to eat 45 minutes into your run and then an hour and a half in to help you finish strong.

Also remember to hydrate throughout the race. Aid stations will have water available throughout the race, or if you prefer to have your own we have plenty of hydration devices available. Just make sure to test it out before race day! Come down to the store if you have questions!

From all of us at Garry Gribble’s,

Good Things Come in Twos

Some things just go together.  Some things just make sense together.  Like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich.  Like mac and cheese.  Like a burger and fries.

Finding a great shoe pairing when you’re training for a race can be just like those examples!

In the weeks of your training plan leading up to a race, it is a good idea to have a shoe that is specific for your training runs and a shoe that will be your race day shoe.  While you’re training, you will be putting a lot of miles on your shoes and you will want a shoe with extra cushioning to make your runs easier and more comfortable.  On race day, you’ll want to be as fast as possible!

Here are some shoe pairings that you might consider for your training plan:

Neutral Shoe Type by Brand

Train in:    Glycerin    Race in:  Ghost
Train in:    Ghost        Race in:  Launch

Train in:    Triumph    Race in:  Kinvara
Train in:     Ride 10        Race in:  Freedom

Train in:  Nimbus        Race in:  Cumulus
Train in:  Cumulus        Race in:  Road Hawk

Train in:  Supernova        Race in:  Boston
Train in:  Energy Boost        Race in:  Ultra Boost

Train in:  Vomero        Race in:  Pegasus

Train in:  Cloud Flow        Race in: Cloud

Train in:  Bondi            Race in:  Clifton

Train in:  Torin            Race in:  Escalante

Mix up your brands for a different match:

Train in:  New Balance Wave 880     Race in Mizuno Wave Rider

Train in:  Hoka Clifton            Race in:  Altra Intuition/Instinct

Train in:  Adidas Energy Boost        Race in:  Saucony Freedom

Train in:  Brooks Ghost        Race in:  Saucony Kinvara


Stability Shoe Type by brand

Train in:  Kayano        Race in:  GT 2000

Train in:  Odyssey        Race in:  Structure

Train in:  Supernova ST        Race in:  Ultra Boost ST

Train in:  Adrenaline 17        Race in:  Ravenna

Mix up your brands for a different match:

Train in:  New Balance 860    Race in:  Mizuno Wave Inspire

Train in:  Saucony Guide:     Race in:  Nike Odyssey

Train in:  Altra Provision    Race in:  Saucony Guide

Train in:  Brooks Beast        Race in:  Hoka Arahi

You’ll use your training shoe for the majority of your training runs.  On the light run days where you are working on speed and are running a shorter distance, you’ll want to switch to your race day shoe that your body can acclimate itself to the feel of that shoe.  That way on race day, your body will think “Yes!  This is the shoe we wear when we’re going really fast!”

If you’re not sure which shoe type is best for you, just ask a Garry Gribble’s staff member to conduct a full fitting for your shoes.  We will watch you walk and/or run so that we can analyze your gait and match you with the correct shoe.  Trust us…the right shoes will make a huge difference!

From all of us at Garry Gribble’s,

It’s Time to Get Started!
Congratulations on signing up for the Kansas Half Marathon or 5k! You’ve done the easy part, so now what? It’s time to get training!

Over the next few weeks we will be going over some of the important information on what you need to know that will get you ready for race day. The first thing to do is to find the right training plan for you, whether this is your first race or you’re an advanced runner.

What we do:
Here at Garry Gribble’s, we educate and encourage you to achieve your best personal running experience. Our staff has a lot of knowledge with running. Some of us run trail, some of us race competitively and some of us are newer to the sport.  Whatever you need, whether it’s advice, questions about injuries, or running gear, we have you covered! We custom fit you to the right shoes that you need to help you cross the finish line. We really want you to succeed with your running adventures!

At Garry Gribble’s we have several training plans that fit you. For the 5k runners we have a beginning run/walk plan for those who are just starting to run or are getting back into it after a long time off. We also have a more challenging run/walk program for those that are looking for something a little more challenging. For those looking to make a new PR, we have a program for you.

For those looking to do the half marathon, we have training plans for you. Training plans generally cover numerous weeks up to your event.  You will have shorter distance days, long distances days and often times you will have workouts spent on speedwork and occasionally on hill repeats.  Some plans will also expect your rest days to be cross training days for activities like strength training, yoga, cycling and other possibilities.

Most of the time, a training plan will schedule your longest run a few weeks before your race.  For a half marathon, most programs will have your longest run at around 10-12 miles.  This may seem strange, but you can rely on your training to get you through the remaining miles at your race.

We have group runs on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. throughout the entire year. Join us if you are ever free on a Tuesday night, come join our fun run. We have so many paces and all sorts of ages that EVERYONE is welcome! Sometimes we have shoe companies come in and let our runners test out the shoes on the run. Other times, we have themed nights like “Ugly Christmas Sweater Runs.”

If you have any questions about training or anything running related, please come see us at Garry Gribble’s! We have experts on hand to help you achieve your goal!

From all of us at Garry Gribble’s,