RunWalkLawrence – Jeff Galloway Training Program

Jeff Galloway training poster

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We filmed an informational video about our official training program: RunWalkLawrence – Jeff Galloway Training Method. Check out the video below to learn a little about the Jeff Galloway training method. A half marathon program with a goal of running our half marathon begins in less than a month here in Lawrence, Kansas.

The Jeff Galloway Philosophy:

For four decades, Jeff Galloway has invited people to reclaim their heritage as runners.  At one time all humans ran–for survival.  Galloway invites you to do the same today:  to run for your own survival.  Don’t live to run, run to live–more fully, with better health, greater energy, and deeper joy.  Embrace the runner inside you–embrace yourself–embrace life.  Run to live!


We’re also offering a “Guaranteed PR” promotion if you register up for both the training program and Kansas Half Marathon. Don’t run your best race? Get a free race entry for the 2016 #KSHALF.