Looking to run a spring half marathon in Kansas this spring? Look no further. We got the top 5 Kansas half marathons happening in the Spring of 2015 right here:

Top 5 – 2015 Spring Half Marathons in Kansas


1. Hospital Hill – June 5/6 2015

“Hospital Hill Run is the oldest road race in Kansas City and one of the oldest run half marathons in the country” (HospitalHillRun.Com). Though technically the race takes place in Missouri, this race attracts thousands of Kansans each and every year.

Renee Rose, a past participant and article contributor, had this to say: “Obviously, as the name suggests, be prepared for HILLS! If you don’t prepare properly, the hills will defeat you…so you better be ready for the challenge! The post-race scene is a party…and, trust me, you’ve earned it!”

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Picture of Hospital Hill Runners

Starting line of the Hospital Hill Run in 2014

2. Running with the Cows – May 9th, 2015

One of the most talked about and adored half marathons in the area takes place in Bucyrus, Kansas. Where in carnation is Bucyrus? It’s only 6 miles east of Spring Hill and a short drive from the Kansas City Metro Area. “This race is scenic and deceptively hilly! It’s well worth the trip outside the city…And the post-race buffet is like no other!!  Let Queenie the Cow (the race’s mascot) cheer you on this spring.

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Picture of the start of the Running of the Cows 2014

Running with the Cows 2014 Start

3. Rock the Parkway – April 11th, 2015

What may be the area’s largest half marathon, this half marathon takes place on Ward Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri. Between the support and course layout, it may be the perfect race to get a PR. “Its got great crowd support to keep you energized. The finish is slightly downhill, so that certainly helps propel you to the finish line!”

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4. Garmin Marathon – Oz Run – April 18th, 2015

Could Kansas not have a Wizard of Oz themed half marathon? No, of course not. With the inclusion of the Wicked Marathon, there are now TWO! Dress up as your favorite character, like Dorothy, or as a runner, like yourself! “As advertised, it’s ‘flat & fast’. There are some long, slow climbs on the front half, but the last 6 miles are flat” said Renee Rose.

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Picture of Costumed Runners at the Oz Marathon

Oz Marathon 2014

5.  Prairie Fire Half Marathon – May 3rd, 2015

Kansas City doesn’t have a monopoly on well organized half marathons in the spring time. Wichita, Kansas has the Prairie Fire Marathon series with a half marathon in the spring. This stellar series features everything you need in a professionally run race and you get to tour the beauty that is the city of Wichita.

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Other Spring Races:
  • Eisenhower Marathon – April 11th, 2015Here’s a race that mixes scenic beauty and Kansas history.  Stated on the race’s website: the “half marathon wind(s) through the territory south of Abilene that Cattlemen followed when bringing their herds to Abilene on the Chisholm Trail in the 1800s”. It’s a Boston Qualifier, the race crew provides brunch for the runners, and there’s cash prizes for the winners.

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  • Heartland 39.3 Series – April 11th – May 9th

Want to run more than one half marathon in the spring? How about 3 in 5 weeks? That’s the challenge of the 4th Annual Heartland 39.3 Series (standing for 39.3 miles that participants will race). Run the Garmin, Rock the Parkway, AND Running with the Cows half marathon races to win swag and the bragging rights of completing such a challenge.

Run a relay with friends or tackle a solo ultra marathon this spring! The Brew to Brew is “a point-to-point 43.5  mile relay consisting of 10 legs of about four miles each on Sunday April 12, 2015.  Teams may have from 2 to 10 persons” (BrewtoBrew.Com). The relay starts at Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City and ends at Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS. Each runner receives complimentary beers and food at the end of the day’s race.


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