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  1. Wear white shorts or leggings. You never know what type of bodily fluids (BFs) might escape while you are running. These BFs are much better camouflaged with dark shorts and leggings.
  2. Assume all dogs are friendly. Same goes for geese.
  3. Run in shoes that are too small. A good rule of thumb is to get a running shoe that is at least one half size bigger than your everyday shoe. This is because your feet swell as you run.
  4. Run with traffic. While cyclists ride with traffic, runners should run against traffic. This is so you can see what is coming for you before it hits you (and hopefully gives you a chance to dive into a ditch).
  5. Clench your fists. Believe it or not, clenching your fists while running takes energy. Relax your fists and you’ll be more efficient.
  6. Cut a run short because it starts to snow, rain, get hot or become windy. Running in challenging elements makes you stronger mentally. View it as a training opportunity to increase stamina, willpower and discipline.
  7. Trust a fart. Although running and farting go together like peanut butter and jelly, if you have any inkling whatsoever that the fart might have a chaser, do not go for it.
  8. Wear underwear. If your running shorts have a liner in them, then wearing underwear is redundant.
  9. Keep checking your watch. Checking your watch is like waiting for water to boil. It makes the run feel like forever. Forget the watch and glance at it only on occasion (such as when it beeps at a mile point or when you finish a song on your iPod).
  10. Assume drivers see you. Run defensively. Always be prepared to jump out of the way of an oncoming car. You never know who is texting, drinking or picking their nose behind the wheel.
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Source: Top 20 Things Not to Do While Running