The Best Running Jokes

As seriously as we can take our sport of running, it’s refreshing to take a step back and laugh at some of the things we do, and how the world perceives us. Laugh along as you watch these clips of comedians who can joke and poke fun at the running community and themselves.

1. Jeff Allen talks about jogging addictions.

2. Kevin Hart is an extremely likable comedian. In this clip he talks about the addiction of exercise and running, as well as his logic behind choosing his running gear.

3. Marz Timms calls out marathoners and pokes fun at one girl’s logic behind why she chooses to run them.

4. Comedian Jimmy Fallon choses action instead of words in this clip when he shows us how quickly he can run the 40-yard-dash! (Start clip at 3:50)

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Laugh along as comedians dish out their best running jokes!

Source: The Best Running Jokes From Comedians – RunHaven