Derek Mitchell Story Continues:


If committing to finish a 5K a month in 2015 wasn’t a lofty enough resolution for Derek Mitchell, the man whose weigh-loss story went viral in March, he now has a marathon on his race calendar. And it’s six months from now.  “Either I’m inspired or crazy, or possibly a mix,” Mitchell told Runner’s World Newswire.

So far, Mitchell, 34, has crossed the finish lines of five 5Ks, his most recent being a Color Run in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, at the end of May. His personal best for the 3.1-mile distance stands at 1:16:34.

Last month, Mitchell committed to doing a half marathon in the spring, but the idea to tackle double that distance came from a friend who sent him an article about a man named Kelly Gneiting, a sumo wrestler who holds the Guinness World Record for the “Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon.” Gneiting weighed 400 pounds when he finished the L.A. Marathon (9:48:52) in 2011.

“It got me thinking, if I could find a marathon that doesn’t have a time limit that would allow me to just keep trucking along for 10 hours, it would be very achievable,” Mitchell said.

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