Our half marathon is at its lowest registration price for only a little while longer. You can save an additional 15% off today and tomorrow only with the code: RESOLUTION2015

Registering early saves money but also helps with your training motivation

Need a Lawrence, Kansas based training group? Check out RunWalkLawrence. This training group got me more than prepared for my first ever marathon last October. The Galloway training method is tremendous for both first-timers and experienced runners. It helped me personally with:

  1. Waking up for those early weekend training runs when I just wanted to sleep in.
  2. Staying motivated and mentally prepared for races.
  3. Learning a ton about running, training, and diet.
  4. Making new friends.
  5. Getting the best running shape of my entire life.

Want to train for a spring half, full, or 5K? RunWalkLawrence has programs starting now. I started the program not knowing anyone and ended with several friends. I also conquered the running goal I had dreamed of for years. I owe so much of my success to this program and its fellow runners.

Want to facilitate a discount for your workplace? We can do that, too, to help get your coworkers running the #KSHALF! Email us at info@kansashalfmarathon.com.


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RunWalkLawrence training group