Half Marathon Told by Emojis –  Via #RunSelfieRepeat

The Night Before the Race:

The Morning Of Your Race:

Waiting In the Porter Potty Line:

Getting Into Your Corral:

Crossing the Starting Line:

Mile 1:

Mile 2:

Your First Hydration Stop:

Mile 3:

Mile 4:

Your Second Hydration Stop:

Mile 5:

Mile 6:

Taking Your Energy Gel:

Your Third Hydration Stop:

Mile 7:

Mile 8:

Your Fourth Hydration Stop:

Mile 9:

Mile 10:

Your Fifth Hydration Stop:

Mile 11:

Mile 12:

Final Water Stop (“DO I STOP FOR WATER OR DO I KEEP GOING!??!?!?”):

Mile 13:

You See the Finish Line:

Crossing the Finish Line:

Getting Your Medal:

Post Race:

When You Get Home:

Happy Running! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

Source: Run Selfie Repeat