2015 Race Starter

We’re very excited to have a well-known and celebrated leader in athletics start our 2015 race. Her name is Andrea Hudy and she’s kind of a big deal:

Andrea Hudy, the Assistant Athletics Director for Sport Performance, oversees the Anderson Strength and Conditioning Complex for all University of Kansas sports

Head shot of Andrea Hudy

Andrea Hudy – Asst. Athletic Director for Sports Performance at the University of Kansas

In Jan. 2013, Hudy was named the National College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association for her dedication to improving athletic performance with safe and effective science-based programs. In summer of 2014, her first book, Power Positions, was published with the potential for more  books in the future.

In addition to her success in developing collegiate athletes into professionals, Hudy has helped Kansas student-athletes stay on the cutting edge of performance training. In the summer of 2012, Kansas became a signature school for the EliteForm training system, which integrates technology into workout sessions. KU was also the first to use the SpartaTrac™ system to optimize players’ individual strength programs to improve performance and decrease chance of injury.

We can’t thank her enough for taking the time to come to our event and get everybody set off on their 13.1 journey!